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Asiatic Pennywort (Gotu Kola) Centella asiatica (Hydrocotyle asiatica) sen-TELL-ah ays-e-AT-ah-cah.Gotu Kola Complex is a unique combination of Gotu Kola herb and.Centella asiatica, known commonly as gotu kola, is a highly regarded medicinal and culinary herb.Centella asiatica, commonly known as centella and gotu kola, is a small, herbaceous, frost-tender perennial plant of the family Mackinlayaceae or subfamily.


Can be grown as an annual. 6 to 8 inches tall with spreading habit.

Oil Ginger Root Goldenseal Gotu Kola Hawthorn Berry Kelp Lecithin Lemon Balm. of fenugreek seed may have some benefit.Biological Description Gotu kola (or centella asiatica) is a tasteless, plant with no odor that thrives in and around water.

Gotu Kola or Centella asiatica is a small herbaceous annual plant native to India,.Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is the common name of a perennial herbal plant also known as Asiatic coinwort.

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Phytochemicals,Constituients of Gotu Kola,or Centella asiatica.Traditional medicine, holistic, wild crafted, organic, and Euphoric, are characteristics t associated with Dropping Seeds products.Wednesday, September 18 th, 2013. They are milk thistle (silymarin), echinacea, grape seed extract, gingko biloba, and gotu.We spent this Friday bringing in the Gotu Kola harvest before the coming frost to make fresh batches of Sesame Body Oil and Extract.Basic Botanical Information of Gotu Kola. Contents. Basic Botanical Information of Gotu Kola.

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Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) has been used to treat many conditions for thousands of years in India, China, and Indonesia.Total phenolics and antioxidant activities of fenugreek, green tea, black tea, grape seed, ginger, rosemary, gotu.

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Gotu Kola, Penny Wort (Rau MA) - Hydrocotyle asiatica, Centella Asiatica.I would like to purchase Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) plants or seeds.

Centella asiatica, more commonly known as gotu kola, has enjoyed a long history as a medicinal herb in the Orient.

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